Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This grateful AVON Lady has a mighty good.....

....MAN!  I was sick a few weeks ago and pretty much in bed for a week. Turns out it was a very busy week.  I had 3 Totes to make, an AVON Fundraiser order & my regular AVON order to separate, packaged and deliver.  

While I was layed up with fever he opened all my boxes, sorted all of the product into categories and had it ready for me.  Delightful.

This saved my life because I don't think I could have gotten it all done without his help.  He is generous and helpful, and oh, so good at organizing.  I will never sort my AVON the same way again. LOL

Thanks to my Hubby I got my Totes made, my AVON sorted and delivered and made it to church for Easter service. (coughing and sniffin' but I was there!)  And, I did absolutely nothing to deserve it.  But, I am so blessed and thankful for his help and just wanted to share with ya'll.  

Have a wonderful week.  Talk to you soon.

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