Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If Jesus is my "portion", why am I still eating!?!

"My food . . . is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work." ~John 4:34

These bold words of Jesus come to my mind when I'm tempted again to use FOOD to do what only HE can do:  Comfort me.  Encourage me. Strengthen me. Delight me. FILL ME.  The list goes on and on.  

And yet, I keep eating.  Psalm 16 says "HE is my food and drink, my highest joy!"  If He truly is, then why does it sometimes seem as if  FOOD is in fact, my "highest joy." It's not, it's really not.  But, I sure do love it! 

Growing up in the South (home of everything fried, casseroled, baked and buttered) does NOT  make it easy for a girl to turn away from good food.  My Mama never had to tell me to clean my plate.  I did that all by myself. LOL  My Grandma loved to feed me because I got so much joy out of it, and my Grandpa called my "Puny" 'cause I was anything but.  There was nothing puny about my appetite.  Still isn't!

And yet, I still keep asking myself: If Jesus is my portion - my food & drink - then WHY AM I STILL EATING?!   We're pondering this question together, Jesus and me, and I know He won't quit on me until I get it.  Food is GOOD!  Using it to do for me what only He can do is NOT GOOD.  It's not good because I rob myself of the best buffet ever: joy, peace, comfort, excitement, adventure, wisdom, love. And I rob my God of the joy of filling me with all of those delicious "fruits of His Spirit" that will empower me and prepare me for the abundant life He wants to give me. 

Too much food usually makes me feel sick and I just wanna lay down!   But, being filled with His delicious spiritual fruit makes me wanna bust out dancing and singing. I wanna get out there and do something!  The Bible says "Don't be drunk on wine, be filled instead with the Holy Spirit".  That pretty much sums it up.  Trust me, I've tried the wine and it didn't measure up either. But, being filled with the beautiful,sweet Spirit of Jesus?  Well, that never fails.

If you have the same beautiful...and not so much...relationship with FOOD, I hope this hits the spot.  It's a day by day thing, right.  Today, I'm determined I will NOT use food to do for me what only Jesus can do.  When I'm tempted to grab that second portion, I pray He'll remind me that "He is my portion, my food and my drink, and I'll stop eating and rest in Him.  And, day by day I'll get a little lighter in his lap. LOL

Please share with your fellow foodies who might could use some perspective.  I hope this will encourage them as it has me this mornin'.

Have a great day and "thanks" for listening.