Friday, June 15, 2012

My AVON Calling!

My last entry was April 20th.  Remember "You want me to go where?"  At the time, I was being drawn like a magnet to Avon Leadership but so afraid to take the leap.  See, I'd taken the leap before when I first started my Avon business back in 2007 and it didn't work well at all so I was afraid to leap again.  Afraid to trust myself. What if I'm wrong? What if I can't do it?  What if I fail again?  Big noise in my head, but God's quiet voice persisted.  Avon. Leadership. Empowering Women.  Serving. Go. Trust me! 

All year long God has been calling me out of my COMFORT ZONE.  Never before have I been more sure of His mission for me than this one of getting outside my comfort zone.  Well, I'm officially OUT, honey!  I started my Leadership path in April and have 1 Representative on my team so far.  I was away most of May so I'm really just beginning.  I have SO much to learn and I'm really excited for the opportunity to Empower women with Avon.   I love my AVON business and I love serving my Customers!  Now, I get to help other women build their own businesses too. 

People need JOBS.  They need OPPORTUNITIES.  And, AVON is a great opportunity.  If you know of anyone who would like to hear more about Avon please share this post with them.  It would be a pleasure to serve them.

I'd especially love to speak with Retired Women looking for opportunities to continue working and using their gifts.  At our AVON AWARDS LUNCHEON last week the TOP WINNER of the day in terms of awards and recognition was over 80 years old.  She is gorgeous and full of life and was absolutely loaded down with trophies.  And, the best part!? She was applauded and honored for 40 years of building her Avon business.  I want to sit down and have lunch with that woman, and so did every Avon Representative in the room. Where else do you see that?   She's not the only one.  With Avon it seems your age, your wisdom and your years of loyal service are applauded rather than discarded or looked upon as "no longer relevant".  Ahhhh, makes you crazy.    Imagine a woman forced to retire before she's ready getting an opportunity to put her talents and skills to work in her own business!!  Imagine what she could do with no-one telling her "no". Ahhh, now I'm all excited. 

I was humbled and honored to receive the SPIRIT OF AVON award this year and it has set the standard for my new Leadership business.  The SPIRIT OF AVON is one of giving, serving, teaching and blessing. It's the best possible award I could have received and I'm truly grateful.  The recipient is chosen by our District Manager (that's Becke on my right) and presented with a beautiful trophie and Certificate outlining the Spirit of Avon creed.  While I feel completely unworthy of such an honor I am truly grateful.  It's humbling indeed and raises the bar on this Avon Lady's calling!  That's a good thing and I intend to keep it in view as a means of holding me accountable to this blessing. Thank you, Becke!  That's Brenda, my Unit Leader on the Left.  She found me at a Women's Expo back in 2007 and we were set up next to each other (I was selling  my Tote bags).  I had been looking for an opportunity and there she was right next to me.  We talked Avon all day and I signed up 2 weeks later.  (I am not a cheap date! LOL  I do not make these decisions lightly.  Sorry Brenda!)

AVON is not perfect.  Nothing is!  But, it is an awesome opportunity and I'm proud to be able to share it with you guys. And, can I tell you, it's just plain FUN.   It really is. So, PLEASE pass this little blog post on to anyone in your world who could use a little beacon of hope and opportunity.  Trust me when I tell you, you never know where it may lead! Anything is possible!!!

Have a great week.  Thanks for letting me share my AVON Calling!


(P.S.  The purple leopard print dress is AVON.  I got to model it at the Awards luncheon fashion show and they let me keep it.  Color me happy!!!)