Thursday, December 6, 2012

It would be a real CURSE IF...

...our kids don't learn to read and write in Cursive!

I cannot believe that schools don't teach cursive writing anymore!  Seriously?!? That's one of my fondest memories from grade school - and I seriously can't remember much LOL.  I loved those notebooks with the dotted lines and the examples of how to perfectly write every letter in CURSIVE.  I bit my tongue like kids do when they're really concentrating and gave it everything I had.!!

I've always loved writing - and by that I mean simply writing.  I love just about anything handwritten: notes & greetings,  journal entries, study notes (Man, I love to take notes!) and checks (yep, you heard me), and little love notes to my hubby and cards to my Mama... I think you get the point.  I have a bunch of JOURNALS 'cause I simply cannot get enough of them.  They are so beautiful and so BLANK and ready for WORDS.  Ohhh the possibilities!

Our SIGNATURE is a part of us - right? And I know that FANCY NANCY has a beautiful, curly-girly signature that looks just like her!  Don't you love getting a letter in the mail and you recognize the handwriting right away and get excited?  How sad to no longer get letters simply because it's easier to type an email.  I know I'm OLD SCHOOL - and proud of it - but I just think our kids are in danger of missing out on something so precious.  I still have notes  my husband wrote me when we were 18.  I can't possibly keep a TEXT that long?  Ya gotta clean that stuff out!  Oh, and how I love to look at my scrap books that have greeting cards from my family when I was 13 years old!!  Ya just can't buy that, people.  I can't keep an online greeting card forever, and it robs me of the joy of seeing the personality of my loved one in their handwriting and signature.  Please don't get me wrong!  I love to receive online greeting cards too.  Any effort one makes to let you know they are thinking about you is amazing. I simply hope the handwritten part doesn't go by the wayside in this tech-savvy generation.

I don't know what ya'll are gonna do but I've decided I'm just gonna have to KEEP WRITING!  If you feel the same please let me know.  I NEED to know I'm not the only one. LOL  I'm quite certain I'm not!

I realize that I'm actually BLOGGING this post on the lost art of HANDWRITING, but I think that's my point.  Blogging is good.  Texting is great! Email is wonderful!  But, it's not the ONLY WAY.  Every now and again how about you surprise and delight someone with your very own handwritten note.  I GUARANTEE they will love it and you'll feel awesome.

So!  Here's to the written word.  It would be a real CURSE-IF we stopped writing with our very own hands and relied solely on our computer keyboards to communicate. 

WILL YOU JOIN ME?  Let's keep CURSIVE alive people!  Teach your children. There's not much better than a handwritten note from a child is it?  A handwritten sentiment truly is a beautiful thing...even when it's completely illegible. LOL That just makes life more interesting and keeps us on our toes.

If I could I'd sign my name right here in beautiful black ink.